Company Overview

TIH Limited (formerly known as Transpac Industrial Holdings Limited) ("TIH") is a SGX-listed closed-end fund set up in 1994, and is managed by one of the most established private equity investment teams in Asia.

Throughout its operating history and investment experience, TIH has invested in a broad variety of sectors including Consumer & Industrial Products, Healthcare, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Food, Manufacturing and Chemicals, with a strong focus and dedication to Asia. TIH has extensive experience in cross-border private equity investments and divestments including but not limited to restructuring, mergers & acquisitions and joint venture opportunities.

TIH seeks to work closely with the management of investee companies to create value through strategic, operational and corporate finance inputs. Our goal is to achieve long-term growth and provide a steady stream of dividends to shareholders through income generated from our portfolios in private equity and special situation investments.